KELOWNA - Our 7 Faves

Moo-Lix Ice Cream

What: Hard scoop

About: Family-operated shop since 1998 serving gourmet ice cream and sorbet, and fresh-made waffle cones (including gluten-free) made in-house. Take-home also available.

Two locations:

239 Bernard Ave (downtown) - see map below

948 McCurdy Rd (near the movie theatre) - see map below

Parlour Ice Cream

What: Hard scoop *Kristen’s fave*

About: Serving up homemade, artisan ice cream and waffle cones using unique locally-sourced ingredients. Grab a scoop in-store, or take a pint home!

Where: 1571 Abbott St (downtown) - see map below

Annegrets Chocolates

What: Gelato

About: Downtown eatery that serves 14 flavours of gelato, hand-made daily. Take-home containers available.

Where: 19-565 Bernard Ave (downtown) - see map below

QB Gelato

What: Gelato

About: Hand-crafted Italian-style gelato, made daily in small batches using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. We haven’t been yet, but it’s high up on our to-do list!

Where: 1884 Dayton St (Landmark District) - see map below

Flux 74 Eatery

What: Hard scoop

About: Fun selection of scoop ice cream, including dairy-free and vegan gelatos. Our suggestion: Try a gelato scoop in a seasonal, fruity beer.

Where: 1974 Kane Rd #300 (Glenmore) - see map below

Tru Frozen Yogurt

What: Frozen Yogurt bar *Isla’s fave*

About: Uniue and ever-changing selection of frozen yogurt, Greek yogurt and sorbet, plus a huge variety of toppings makes this a fun spot to grab a sweet treat. Frozen yogurt is self-serve and you pay based on weight.

Where: SOPA Square 103-3030 Pandosy Street (in the heart of the Mission) - see map below


What: Frozen Yogurt bar

About: Cheerful self-serve chain with dozens of frozen yogurt flavours and toppings, sold by weight.

Two locations:

3327 Lakeshore Rd (in the Mission) - see map below

2463 Highway 97 - see map below

VERNON - Our 3 Faves

Rail Trail Cafe

What: Hard scoop *Solla’s fave*

About: Family-run cafe (with adjacent board shop) across from Kal Lake, at the start (or end?) of the Rail Trail. Serves selection of delicious cafe treats, as well as hard-scoop ice cream.

Where: 13904 Kalamalka Rd - see map below

Garden Ice Cream Parlour

What: Hard scoop

About: House-made ice creamery featuring more than 50 flavours. Waffle cones available.

Where: 4202 32nd St - see map below

Marble Slab Creamery

What: Hard scoop *Polly’s fave*

About: Small-batch ice cream that’s hand-blended with huge selection of delicious and unique mix-in “toppings”. Lots of to-go options, including ice cream cakes.

Where: 3101 Hwy 6 (near Polson Park) - see map below

MOBILE - Our 2 Faves

Sugarbee’s Ice Cream

What: Hard-scoop

About: Vernon-based artisanal ice cream company … served on a bike! Featuring small batches of French-style ice cream using local, pure and natural ingredients.

Where: Find them at Okanagan events and markets, on their one-of-a-kind ice cream bike, or hire the to come to you for your next special event. Order and pick-up also available. More info here.

Scooter’s Ice Cream

What: Mobile ice cream and popsicle truck.

About: Ice cream truck that comes to you! We’ve hired Scooter’s for several neighbourhood events, and can’t recommend them enough!

Where: From Osoyoos to Salmon Arm and everywhere in between. Book them for a private function at 250-808-8746 or, or catch them at an upcoming festival or community event!



What: Hard-scoop

About: Beloved roadside gift shop that also sells 72 different kinds of ice cream that’s perfect to mix-and-match on your choice of cone, in a wide range of sizes that will allow everyone to get just what they want!

Where: Hwy 97, Main St., OK Falls (not on map below)