Sales Gurus

Do The Okanagan offers promotion to local businesses through a variety of advertising, media, events and storytelling. And we need more man/woman power! We pride ourselves on being connected to the community, having a collaborative approach, and knowing our fellow business owners.

Our Sales Gurus will work closely with Saffron and Kristen to explore opportunities for advertising throughout the website, our social media accounts and events such as Battle Of The Okanagan. They will also be given a ton of creative license to best serve our customers’ individual needs and budgets.

The ideal candidate is active in the Vernon, Lake Country and/or Kelowna communities. They explore, shop local, attend events and try new activities. They have a social personality and make connections easily. This person has a genuine passion for local businesses and the desire to sing their praises out to the world.

  • You will need your own phone, computer, vehicle and wi-fi connection.

  • You will be an independent contractor earning a 20% commission on all net sales that you generate. *Average contracts are approximately $1,000 earning a $200 commission.

  • You make your own hours and may combine this role with another job. There are no minimum sales targets to meet.

  • You will have strong written (mostly email) and verbal communication skills and a professional work ethic.

  • You are able to meet with the team once a week and are interested in joining in on our “field trips” when possible.

Some experience in advertising, sales and/or administration is an asset but not a requirement.

Does this sound like you? Send us a message dotheokanagan@gmail.com RE: SALES GURU and tell us all about you!

Foodie Blogger and Know-er of the food community

We need some help with our Eat section! Are you passionate about the local food scene? Do you know all the great spots to go and local events coming up? How about preparing food at home… do you have some great recipes to share?

This is a collaborative role meaning that remuneration will be via cross promotion (not money). If you would like to gain exposure for your own food blog or instagram, we can help by promoting you as the local foodie in the know! You will get:

  • a full profile on our team page with links to your own blog

  • a footer at the bottom of each blog post you write (photo, title, link to your blog)

  • your photos posted on social media tagging your blog

  • any other ideas that we come up with and agree upon ;)

Interested? Drop us a message dotheokanagan@gmail.com RE: FOODIE BLOGGER