Looking for somewhere to take your fur baby to run around while keeping cool? We’ve compiled a list of all the DOG BEACHES throughout the Okanagan, many of which have already been tested out by our K9 correspondent, Sitka.


  • For a list of ALL dog beaches (arranged by from north to south), click on the white square where it says “CLICK HERE” (top left corner)

  • Or, simply CLICK on the map, and use the zoom in/out to navigate. Each dog beach has an address and some info/pictures when available.

  • MUNICIPALITIES are grouped by colour.

  • SITKA’S FAVES are listed with a heart beside them ♥️

Now, go have fun. Woof!


Sitka is a lab-Catahoula cross (maybe… the results of her DNA test are debatable), with a passion for snuggles, shedding, chasing squirrels, and staring intently at your food.

She wrote this article with the help of her two-legged pal Kristen. Together, they have explored many a dog park, hiking trail and beach. Please say hi if you happen to pass her on the street!


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