Naked Cafe 571 Lawrence Ave KELOWNA

Bare Taco Food Truck KELOWNA

Gratitude Cafe gluten-free, too. *now operating as a private chef*


Lake Tai *also has vegan options* 1958 Kirschner Rd KELOWNA

Frankie We Salute You 6-1717 Harvey Ave KELOWNA (Landmark District Market)

Orchard Room 269 Lawrence Ave. KELOWNA

Glow Juicery Centre for Innovation, Landmark Towers


Bean Scene Cafe Multiple locations. Click here

Bohemian Cafe 524 Bernard Ave -map-

Chutney Cuisine of India 3011 Pandosy St -map-

Hobo Cafe 596 Leon Ave -map-

Hung Gia 2469 Hwy 97N -map-

Mad Mango 551 Bernard Ave -map-

Marmalade Cat Cafe 2903 Pandosy Street -map-

Momo Sushi 377 Bernard Ave -map-

Fernando’s Pub 79 Bernard Ave -map-

Social 242 242 Lawrence Ave -map-

Hansen’s Classic Pizza 605 KLO Rd -map-

DunnEnzies Pizza *they can also do dairy-free and gluten-free*

  • 1559 Ellis St, downtown

  • 1886 Dayton St, Landmark Towers

  • 203, 1740 Pier Mac Way, Airport Village



Amarin Thai 2903 31st St -map-

👍 Bamboo Beach 3313 30th Ave -map-

Boa-Thong 3210 30th Ave -map-

Italian Kitchen 2916 30th Ave -map-

👍 Kawakubo Sushi 3315 30th Ave -map-

Little Tex 3302 29th St -map-

Los Huesos 2918 30th Ave -map-

The Fig 3407 30th Ave -map-

Raku Rice & Noodle Bar 3318 30th Ave -map-

Wasabi 5100 Anderson Way -map-


Little Tex 3302 29th St VERNON -map-

Midtown Bistro 3024 30th Ave VERNON -map-

Micro 1500 Water St KELOWNA -map-

Naked Cafe 571 Lawrence Ave KELOWNA -map-

Nature’s Fair Cafeteria 1876 Cooper Rd KELOWNA -map- & 3400 30th Ave VERNON -map-

One Big Table 1440 St Paul St KELOWNA -map-

👍 Raudz Regional Table 1560 Water St KELOWNA -map-

The Fig 3407 30th Ave VERNON -map-

The Table at Cod Fathers 2355 Gordon Dr KELOWNA -map-

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