100% VEGAN

Naked Cafe 571 Lawrence Ave KELOWNA

Bare Taco Food Truck KELOWNA

Gratitude Cafe gluten-free, too. *now operating as a private chef*


Lake Tai *also has vegan options* 1958 Kirschner Rd KELOWNA

Frankie We Salute You 6-1717 Harvey Ave KELOWNA (Landmark District Market)


Bean Scene Cafe Multiple locations. Click here

Bohemian Cafe 524 Bernard Ave -map-

Chutney Cuisine of India 3011 Pandosy St -map-

Hobo Cafe 596 Leon Ave -map-

Hung Gia 2469 Hwy 97N -map-

Mad Mango 551 Bernard Ave -map-

Marmalade Cat Cafe 2903 Pandosy Street -map-

Momo Sushi 377 Bernard Ave -map-

Fernando’s Pub 79 Bernard Ave -map-

Social 242 242 Lawrence Ave -map-

Hansen’s Classic Pizza 605 KLO Rd -map-

DunnEnzies Pizza *they can also do dairy-free and gluten-free*

  • 1559 Ellis St, downtown

  • 1886 Dayton St, Landmark Towers

  • 203, 1740 Pier Mac Way, Airport Village



Amarin Thai 2903 31st St -map-

👍 Bamboo Beach 3313 30th Ave -map-

Boa-Thong 3210 30th Ave -map-

Italian Kitchen 2916 30th Ave -map-

👍 Kawakubo Sushi 3315 30th Ave -map-

Little Tex 3302 29th St -map-

Los Huesos 2918 30th Ave -map-

The Fig 3407 30th Ave -map-

Raku Rice & Noodle Bar 3318 30th Ave -map-

Wasabi 5100 Anderson Way -map-


Little Tex 3302 29th St VERNON -map-

Midtown Bistro 3024 30th Ave VERNON -map-

Micro 1500 Water St KELOWNA -map-

Naked Cafe 571 Lawrence Ave KELOWNA -map-

Nature’s Fair Cafeteria 1876 Cooper Rd KELOWNA -map- & 3400 30th Ave VERNON -map-

One Big Table 1440 St Paul St KELOWNA -map-

👍 Raudz Regional Table 1560 Water St KELOWNA -map-

The Fig 3407 30th Ave VERNON -map-

The Table at Cod Fathers 2355 Gordon Dr KELOWNA -map-

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