Cool Party Idea: Memory Blocks Party Kits




DTO’s eldest kiddo just turned six, and we decided to host her party at home rather than at local play space (as had been the tradition). But … we needed something fun for eight little kids to do, and apparently pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey was a big “no go” from the birthday girl.

Then, Memory Blocks came to the rescue with their amazing DIY party kits, and it was an absolute hit! If you need a fun and unique activity to keep crafty kids busy for a birthday party — and one that doubles as a take-home party favour, to boot — this is it! Read on…


How it works:

Memory Blocks (an awesome family-run, Lake Country-based business specializing in custom gifts and decor) makes the process super simple. First, you pick between two party packages: The full package, which includes eight signs, as well as paint and brushes; or the sign-only package, where you get the eight signs, but supply your own brushes and paint.

Then, you choose the vinyl template you want for your signs. You can mix-and-match, too. Stencil options include:

What you get:

Each kit incudes eight 8x8" signs with adhered vinyl stencil all ready for painting, along with how-to instructions, a "picker" to help you peel the vinyl off the wood sign, and a T-shirt gift for the birthday kid. The full kit also comes with eight sponge brushes, and four craft paints of varied colour. Or, you can supply your own.

How to order:

Online! Choose which kit and stencils you want, add extra signs if you need more than eight (at an extra cost), and you’re done! The kit ships from Lake Country, but I picked mine up in-person (because I was on a time crunch!). It came boxed up with everything I needed, ready to be laid out for the little party guests.


How it went down:

We had eight little girls between the ages of three and six, and it went amazingly well. We made sure there were enough sponges that the kids didn’t mix the paints too much, and explained that the signs would look better if they dabbed the paint carefully rather than smearing everywhere.

They were immersed in concentration, and each designed their creation a little differently than the next. Even our three year old ended up with a lovely sign!

We did the activity at the beginning of the party, and they were totally dry an hour-and-a-half later, when the kids were ready to head home.


What I loved about the party kit:

  • It was both a fun party activity and a take-home goodie bag all in one.

  • It came ready for us to use, with vinyl attached, and easy-to-follow instructions.

  • It was challenging enough that they had fun doing it, but easy enough (with adult supervision, of course) that even our toddler could handle it.

  • Plus, it made it easy to host our kindergartner’s party from the comfort of home.

Adult Party Kits

Yep! Memory Blocks has these, too! Click on the photo below…

These are great for birthday parties, ladies’ nights or staff events! Just add wine! These are perfect for you crafters and DIYers... or anyone looking for adding a beautiful piece of homemade decor to their home.

Verdict: We love this activity, and will definitely do it again! To find out more about Memory Blocks or their party kits, head on over to their website here. And support local!!


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