Where to Get Mini Egg Treats Around Kelowna

By Kristen Thompson


Not-so-secret-guilty-pleasure alert: I love mini eggs. The kind of love that requires mini eggs to be hidden if they enter my home, lest they be consumed in one sugar-filled sitting.

During Easters of yore, I would hit up Bulk Barn for all my mini egg needs (need being the operative word, here). But recently I’ve made a more wonderful discovery: Mini eggs are part of the local culinary scene this time of year - at least at coffee shops and bakeries. I’m talking about mini egg hot chocolates, mini egg donuts, and even *gasp* mini egg perogies.

Read on, my dear fellow Okanaganites… And - you’re welcome!

Gluten-free Pronuts from Blooming In Health

Blooming in Health makes gluten-free, stevia-sweetened and high-protein treats (with vegan options), and their “pronut” looks amazing! Visit their site for all their Kelowna area retail locations here.

Mini Egg Cheesecake at Bin 4

Bin 4 Burger Lounge is selling a whipped mini egg cheesecake, topped with crushed mini eggs and graham crust for $7. Sign me up!

Where: 1616 Powick Road, KELOWNA -map-

Mini Egg Mocha at Kootenay Coffee Company

Kootenay Coffee Company is serving up a Mini Egg Mocha with whipped cream and mini eggs. 12 ounce: $4.50, and 16 ounce: $5.


  • 1019 Richter St, KELOWNA -map-

  • 590 HWY 33, KELOWNA -map-

Mini Egg Donuts at Ratio Coffee

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 1.10.42 PM.png

Ratio Coffee and Pastry in Vernon has mini egg donuts. YES PLEASE!

Where: 3101 29th St #4, VERNON -map-

Mini Egg Dessert Perogis from Perogy Mama


Shut the front door - mini egg perogis are a real thing, and all I can think is what a time to be alive. $10 for 12 perogies, but orders close April 10. Bonus: Some of gluten-free options available.

Where: Visit her Facebook page here for more details.

Mini Egg Macarons + Brownies at Whisk Cake Company

Whisk Cake Company in Rutland is your go-to spot for mini egg treats like mini egg macarons, mini egg brownies, mini egg bouchons.

Where: 203 Rutland Rd N, KELOWNA -map-

Tim Hortons Mini Egg Donut

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 1.20.53 PM.png

Aaaaand, if all else fails, hit up your local Tim Horton’s for a mini egg donut. Happy Easter!!


Kristen Thompson is a freelance journalist, and half of the team that makes up Do The Okanagan. She has a sweet tooth that she tries to keep in check 11 months out of the year. During Mini Egg season, however, all bets are off.