Take your Tot on a field-trip to Village Green Mall.

By Saffron Quist

Alright, it’s no West Edmonton Mall, but it is -15 celsius outside and we’re tired of being in the house. If you too feel like Emma, Simon, Anthony and Lachy have become those annoying house-guests that just wont leave or stop singing …this post (and everything on our ‘PlayIndoors list’) may be for you!

We found 5 super awesome things to do to have fun, burn some energy and make the mall feel like a mini carnival!

1) Push Cars

I suggest you start here! There are push cars available in the food court. You just need to find an attendee and sign one out with a piece of photo ID (they are free). The cargo bag on the back is the exact right size for your giant puffy parka, scarves, mittens and burglar-inspired wind mask. Oh, and Solla thought it was really fun to cruise around in too!


2) Ice Cream

Purdy’s Chocolates has an ice cream stand right in the center of the mall! …need I say more?

maxresdefault (1).jpg

3) Toddler Rides

Bring your loonies and toonies because there are 3 little rides in the West Wing. These were the highlight for my 2.5 year old and we probably could have done this for a solid hour.

4) Tiny Tea

David’s Tea made Solla an itty-bitty kid-temperature herbal tea. The staff there are always SO sweet ❤.

5) Unicorn Yourself

Because who doesn’t want to? This lil lady lives in front of Claire’s.


The Village Green Mall is a great place to let your kiddos roam within eyesight. There is a fun toy section to visit in Winners, Canadian Tire and The Bay plus Claire’s is always exciting and Coles has all the good books.