Realistic Fitness Tips for Busy Okanagan Moms in 2019


By Kristen Thompson


Mom life truisms: We’re overworked, and we put everyone else first. Raise your hand if this sounds like you. *Picture me raising both hands and a foot* We work hard keeping the kids busy, helping them burn energy at local play spaces, or making play dates at their favourite parks. And working out sounds great, in theory, but not all of us have the time (or quality footwear) to gingerly hike Knox Mountain, or go for a run along the Greenway.

But… what if 2019 became your year? Our year? The year we start putting ourselves first more often. Our year to work on our energy, our state of mind, to carve out time for ourselves, and maybe find a way to love the person staring back at us in the mirror? It’s doable! And takes less time than you might think.

We reached out to the team at Fit Body Bootcamp Kelowna, to collect tips and tricks for busy mom of all ages who feel like they don’t have enough time or energy in their jam-packed schedule to look after themselves. Steve was gracious enough to share his time and expertise. Read on and be inspired!

Q: In your years as a fitness coach and business owner, what are some effective and realistic things busy moms can do to empower themselves to exercise more, and reach goals they might otherwise have felt were unattainable?

A: “Join a fitness facility that handles everything for you. They have a classes that offer variety, save time, and they design the workouts properly, so they are effective. Best of all you don’t need to think of what to do. You just come in, work out, and leave with the assurance that what you did was safe and effective."

And while it may seem hard to find time to work out, don’t discount 30-minute sessions, says Steve, adding: “Don’t over-stress your body, or your daily schedule.”

If you’ve got a little one in your care during the day, find a centre that has a kids’ area, and then get yourself a workout buddy.

“You give them one of your gym shoes and vice-versa. That way if you don’t show up to workout, then they don’t have shoes, and the same the other way around. Get an accountability crew. Along with your workout buddy, have a community around you that makes it fun, like a class with others with similar goals and challenges.”

“Always think about your ‘why’. If your family is your number one priority, then fatigue, low self-esteem, and ill health will not allow you to help them to their fullest. So isn’t your health the number one priority? Because you cannot take care of your family when you're not well. Your ‘why’ could be that you want to be in optimal health to best serve your family. So when you don’t feel like working out, or you want to eat the entire bag of chips, think about your why, and you may be surprised what you can stick to.”

“Find a role model. Instagram is full of working moms who still pull off a rockin’ bod and eat health with tonnes of energy. Use them to inspire you.” And…

“Your kids are heavy, use them as weights (but be smart and safe about it!).” See video for inspiration :

Q: What are some surprising facts about working out that busy moms may not have realized?

A: “Certain workouts can help you burn fat and calories for 30 hours after you worked out. So while you eat, sleep and relax, you are burning more calories than you normally would. Interval training will do this when properly designed. It trains your cardiovascular system and the muscles of your whole body. The rebuilding and growing of your lean muscle tissue is a main cause for your burning while not exercising. Fit Body specializes in these workouts.”

“Research studies have shown that regular exercise will increase your productivity from 12 to 21 per cent. So you can get more done and feel better by taking time to exercise."

“Plus, when you bring your kids to a gym, they start to like coming so when you don’t feel like going they will make you go because they are excited to go.”

Q: What words of advice would you offer women who really DO want to get started with an exercise program, but are tentative?

A: “One of our members was 54 when she came in. She was unsure of herself but tried a challenge. She didn’t think she was making changes even though everyone around her was amazed, but she kept going dispite her own view. By the end of the six-week challenge she lost more than 15 lbs and 18 inches, and since then she is down 67 lbs. So there goes your “It’s too late” or "It’s a lost cause” excuses. Another woman in 12 weeks lost 24 lbs, 33 inches and got off four medications in that time, and she was 53 years old. Another mom of two young kids with her own business with employees, and her husband out of town with his own business a lot of the time, has been committed to over three times per week and lost more than 30 lbs."

“There are gyms for normal people, without mirrors everywhere, without meatheads. They have a fun atmosphere that are non-intimidating and welcoming for you to join."

Q: What makes Fit Body Bootcamp an ideal option for working moms who are looking to get back into shape and shed some inches quickly?

A: “Fit Body is designed to overcome all these issues or excuses. We have 30-minute workouts with flexible schedules so you don’t lose a lot of your day, and you can plan around your busy schedule. Drop the kids at their activities, swing by for a workout and go back to pick them up when they are done!”

“We have designed workouts that get the let you get the most of your time and create the after-burn effect to burn fat for more 30 hours after the workout. And the workouts change every day, so you don’t get bored of the same old routine.”

Plus, the warm, inviting, family-oriented atmosphere will quickly dispel any sense of intimidation you may. have had coming into it. Everyone has the same goal: To help you become the best version of yourself, whatever that looks like.

So there you have it! Let’s reclaim a little bit of our old selves again. We’re worth it, we deserve it, and it’s not too late. Let’s make this a priority together. Who’s with me?

If you’re interested in Fit Body Bootcamp, there are Okanagan locations in Kelowna and Vernon. Or, drop by your nearest fitness centre and see what programs they have for busy mamas on the go. You may just find your tribe!


Kristen Thompson is a busy work-from-home mom (although, honestly, what mom isn’t busy?). She divides her day between working as a journalist, and looking after two little kids. She tends to put herself last, and is working on her mental and physical health. To read more about her resolve to become a healthier version of herself, head on over here.