Hi! We’re the team behind DTO!

We are the opposite of home-bodies! We love to get out, visit new places, try new things and find adventure right here in our own back yard, The Okanagan! So follow along with us. We promise to be real and real funny-ish.

Heya, my name is Saffron.

Saffron Quist | Owner, Sales + Marketing Director


The Okanagan is such a magical place (although I am bias having been born and raised here). But, true story, I have experienced days of skiing Silver Star Mountain in the morning and sipping (drinking (crushing)) wine in a bikini on the boat later the same day. We have these amazing diverse seasons that weave together like a fine fabric and a rad selection of activities to go along with it.

I’ve been an active Realtor since 2006 which means that I’ve literally been all over the map and have discovered all sorts of nooks and crannies around town and down the back roads.

My main hobby is simply getting out of the house -usually with my miniature side kick, Solla. I love being active and connected by finding fun events, new things to try and outdoor adventures.

We hope to share our love of the Okanagan Valley with you!

Hey, I’m Kristen.

Kristen Thompson | Owner, Chief Writer


I make up the other half of this dynamic duo at DoTheOkanagan.com.

I’m actually a transplant here: I grew up in Toronto, and spent my 20s in Vancouver working as a newspaper reporter. For the first 35 years of my life, I lived among skyscrapers and traffic jams. And yes, I miss the thrill and madness of the big city, but now that I’ve discovered life among the orchards and vineyards, I’m not sure I can ever go back.

DoTheOkanagan.com was borne out of the desire to help people - visitors and locals alike - find amazing things to do while in the Okanagan. I’ve travelled across this amazing country (from Vancouver to Halifax, and everywhere in between), and wished for an online resource to help us find the best wings in town, the nearest indoor play space for the kids, and the nicest dog park for our four-legged adventurer. Now, the Okangan has just this resource!

When I’m not blogging about all the amazing things there are to do here, I’m dividing my time between chasing after my mini people (Isla and Polly), and writing articles for newspapers and magazines as part of my other other life as a freelance journalist. It sounds very glamorous, but the reality is I get to wear my sweat pants to the office and my hair is perpetually in a top knot.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tada, my name is Solla.

Toddler Content Ambassador, and Executive Assistant to Saffron Quist


I really love skating, slides, birds, airplanes, popcorn, rocks and balloons!

This is the best job I have ever had!

Since joining DTO, I have jumped on huge trampolines, traveled many miles in my bike-drawn trailer, tried new foods, made crafts, heard new stories, learned new songs… the list is long. I didn’t know there were so many events and activities for my age group!

And meeting other Toddlers with moms has become so much easier (there is no Tinder for Tots).

Follow my adventures on our blog, Facebook and Instagram! I’ll share all my favourite stuff with you!

Hi, I’m Isla.

Kid Relations CEO, and Assistant to Kristen Thompson


Bike rider, swing tester, tree climber, chicken nugget connoisseur, Kangaroo Farm officonado, and president of the wiggly tooth club. If you want to know what it’s like to be a kid in the Okanagan, this little Torontonian-turned-Kelownaite has all the answers.

When she’s not ripping it up on the Kindergarten playground, you’ll find her dangling from local jungle gyms and riding her two-wheeler top speed along the trail toward Paul’s Tomb.

Keep an eye out for highlights from Isla’s best-of-the-Okanagan (including the best grassy hills for summertime rolling, and sweetest snowy hills for wintertime sledding), from a kid’s perspective.

Yo, my name is Polly.

Chief Playground Adventurer, Assistant to Kristen Thompson


Which park has the best rocks, which beach has the finest sand, which playground has the zoomiest slides (nobody likes sticky slides), which coffee shop has the silkiest kids’ hot cocoa? Polly’s got the answers!

When she’s not finding the best sticks in the forest, or collecting the shiniest acorns from the school playground, she can be found at circle time at the library, climbing through the hamster tunnels at Fun Bugs Place Space, or practicing her giant swings at her favourite park (which, incidentally, is Mission Creek Park).

Follow her adventures to find out the best the Okanagan has to offer to toddlers and preschoolers!

What’s up, I’m Sitka.

President of Dog Park Shenanigans, Assistant to Kristen Thompson



I like dog parks.

I like to chase deer.

I love running on off-leash trails.

I bark at squirrels.


Swimming at the dog beach is my favourite.

Camping is also my favourite.

Eating is my favourite.

You are my favourite!