Part blog, part directory, and part events calendar, Do The Okanagan is a choose-your-own-adventure website that connects you with things to do and places to visit, plus the added benefit of insider’s reviews, stories, and tips you won’t find anywhere else. Think of us as your friends with all the great recommendations!


That might mean pointing you in the direction of the best pizza joint (as voted by our readers!), sharing all kid-friendly events happening on a Friday afternoon, telling you where you need to park at the Kangaroo Farm (and that you will need cash), or highlighting local businesses we think you should check out.

Whether you call this beautiful region home, or are just passing through, we’re here to help you plan your day, weekend or vacation, so you get the most out of the time you spend here.

Our goal is simple: To get people out, rain or shine, and exploring all the amazing things the Okanagan has to offer.

DoTheOkanagan.com was born out of the desire to help everyone - locals and visitors alike - find all the amazing things to do in the Okanagan. It started small - with listings for play spaces and our favourite brunch spots - and has grown into the website you are visiting now: A comprehensive resource for all things fun to do from West Kelowna to Armstrong, and everywhere in between!


We’re just a big fan club of the Okanagan! Follow along with us on facbook and instagram as we Do the Okanagan! We promise to be real, and real funny(ish).

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+ Meet Saffron

The Okanagan is such a magical place (although I am biased, having been born and raised here). But, true story, I have experienced days of skiing Silver Star Mountain in the morning and sipping (drinking (crushing)) wine in a bikini on the boat later the same day. We have these amazing diverse seasons that weave together like a fine fabric, and a rad selection of activities to go along with it.

I’ve been an active Realtor since 2006 which means that I’ve literally been all over the map, and have discovered all sorts of nooks and crannies around town and down the back roads.

My main hobby is simply getting out of the house - usually with my miniature side kick, Solla. I love being active and connected by finding fun events, new things to try, outdoor adventures and local businesses.

Behind the DTO scenes, I'm a major content contributor. I also write many of our mini stories and I head up our advertising and marketing department.

I hope to share our love of the Okanagan Valley with you!

+ Meet Kristen

I’m a transplant to the Okanagan Valley. For most of my life I split my time between Toronto and Vancouver, where I worked in the fast-paced world of journalism as a reporter and photographer. And while I do miss the madness of the city, now that I’ve discovered life among the orchards and vineyards, I’m not sure I can ever go back.

I’ve travelled across this amazing country (from Vancouver to Halifax, and everywhere in between), and wished for an online resource to help us find the best wings in town, the nearest indoor play space for the kids, and the nicest dog park for our four-legged adventurer. Now, the Okanagan has just this resource!

I am a major contributor to tons of the information you will find here on DTO, plus I head up the blog department (check out my most recent blog posts here). This means that most of the feature stories you read are the product of my love for the Okanagan. I also act as the editor-in-chief for our guest bloggers.

When I’m not writing about all the amazing things there are to do here, I work as a newspaper and magazine writer and editor.

Thanks for stopping by!


+ Meet Brandon

By day I work in the IT industry, BUT in the evenings and on weekends I moonlight as a wine geek (I'm kinda like a vino-batman).

I was born and raised in Vernon BC, but at the age of 18 I moved to Calgary, followed by layovers in Kelowna, Vancouver, Seoul and 15 years later, here I am back home in the fabulous Okanagan!

I can't tell you how many wineries I've been to, because I've completely lost count, but I can tell you that I've tasted over 1,500 different wines! I have my WSET Level 3 certification, I love all grapes, and my passion is pairing food with wine. I'm also addicted to tasting wines (tasting, not chugging). Wine is amazing! There's so much variance with vintages, wine making techniques, regional differences, and every glass can be a different experience based on the temperature of the wine or how long it's been open, honestly there's no other beverage like it.

A lot of people think you have to be a "wine snob" to enjoy wine and that's completely untrue! My goal is to share my passion for wine, get people tasting more varieties, to corrupt and convert beer drinkers to wine drinkers, and to change that stereotype.

I look forward to sharing all my knowledge and experiences to help visitors and locals learn more so they can enjoy the fantastic wines of the Okanagan!


+ Meet Nicole

I moved here from the Lower Mainland a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the Okanagan's lifestyle! Layed-back, outdoorsy and family-centric. My tiny assistant Luna and I love to hit up the trails, beaches, ski hills and soak up that Okanagan year-round sunshine!

I've been involved in the local business community for a couple of years, have an entrepreneurial heart, and a passion for supporting local.

Behind the scenes at DTO I help promote local businesses through our story-telling (blogging), social media and advertising program. We love local! We are local! And connecting our followers with all the awesome things our local business community has to offer is what we love to do!


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